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FACEBOOK people and their DUMBASS comments

This is one of the many reasons that I HATE Facebook. Everyone is so fucking judgemental, if they had seen the Original Image of Criss then they would have been making jokes and taking the piss or they would have just completely ignored it. But its only when she made a change when they say “Oh she looked better before”, “From no photoshop to photoshop” and all the rest of those dumbass comments.

I am the last person who commented. Their comments annoyed me so much that i gave them to the links to her progress pictures and even her Facebook page.

That’s why I asked people to stop linking me the facebook links. I swear, they’re posted some place daily, and the comments or false context they add to the pictures (Um, I fixed what? I wasn’t broken, please and thank you) is just awful. Half the people go on about Photoshop or it being a hoax, and the other talk about how disgusting I was with extra weight. News flash! I’m still me at any weight, and I’m still a person. 

I get that it’s the internet and that I shouldn’t put myself out there unless I can handle it, but I guess that’s why I asked to not be linked this stuff anymore. I put myself out there to help people, though. I never, ever in my wildest dreams expected my pictures to spread outside of weight loss communities intended to help motivate, and put on terrible humor websites like 9gag or facebook pages. Losing weight is nothing I am ashamed of, but people taking my picture at face value with no context does sort of bother me.

thingsboysdowelike: fucking rustles my jimmies. fatty enablers “she was better back then, she shouldn’t have changed”

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aleksandrtherussianwarrior said: I asked the Omegle questionnn

what was your omegle question?

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